Dr. Cameron Branchi

Dr. Cameron Branchi graduated from Curtin University in 1996. Initially working at Royal Perth Hospital before moving to Queensland for 13 years. Cameron owned and successfully ran 3 private practices, that spread from the city to rural and remote regions in Queensland. Cameron had a practice based in Mt Isa for 13 years and specialized in working with the mining industry in solving many foot and lower limb problems for workers. Cameron was also head of podiatry at two major metropolitan hospitals in Brisbane. Returning to Perth for family reasons, Cameron has established 3 private practices in Port Kennedy, Baldivis and Camillo. Covering all aspects of podiatry, Cameron specializes in treating biomechanical problems/conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Cameron has developed a fully state of the art orthotic making system that is fully mechanized from start to finish. Scans of your feet are taken in 3D and then corrected using 3D software. The orthotic is then cut out using an advanced machine that is supremely accurate. This system is extremely advanced and one of the best ever developed in the world and allows Cameron to provide a superior orthotic service to his clients.

Cameron in his free time loves to spend time with his family, playing golf, watching sport and spending time out on his boat fishing.