Podiatrists are fully trained in orthotic prescription and their effective use. If you want the best results,then stay with the profession that has the most experience in delivering effective results through orthotic use.

  • Increased accuracy for a superior orthotic - no inaccurate plaster casts or hand made devices.
  • Utilise a superior co-polymer plastic. Superior material to polypropylene is used. Able to manufacture custom orthoses that are not made of rubber.
  • Machines cut out the orthotic, not just the mold. Therefore it is more accurate.
  • No additions except the covers. The orthotic is manufactured as a whole unit. You don't have extra parts stuck on the back or front that wear and are inaccurate.
  • Can utilise thinner material but maintain strength and flexibility.


Analysing feet to indentify incorrect foot biomechanics is performed in many ways:

  • Testing of muscles and range of motion of joints
  • Analysis of foot position during stance and all phases of gait
  • Footwear patterns/assessment
  • Visual Gait Analysis

With Cameron You Also Get:

  • Pressure plate analysis - digital representation of plantar foot pressures to indicate abnormalities. These measurements are useful in not only diagnosing the problem but also in indicting possible solutions. It provides valuable information for the need for orthotics, certain foot wear and any physical therapies that need to be implemented.
  • Video Gait Analysis - video gait analysis as to ascertain exact foot positions during gait. It can be slowed down to allow for frame by frame analysis. This is far more accurate than just visual gait analysis.

These added diagnostic tools provide for a thorough diagnosis and supply valuable information towards orthotic prescriptions.


My orthotics are accurate and have good longevity. If you want value for money and expert advice then call me to arrange an appointment. 

  • Fully mechanized system. No inaccurate hand made devices.
  • The orthotic is cut out by machines that are accurate to tenth of a millimetre. Hand made devices cannot equal this precision and accuracy.
  • The devices is cut from a superior co-polymer plastic allowing it to be skinnier than traditional orthoses. No more excessively bulky orthoses.
  • The orthotic is machined as one part. It has no additional stuck on parts (except soft covers) like a traditional orthotic. Therefore you get greater life and accuracy out of the orthotic.
  • The system is able to be used to make rigid orthoses. No more soft orthoses that have been proven to be less effective.
  • All orthoses are double covered for increased comfort.